Picking and Shipping Accuracy for Small Retail

Big supply chains and logistics companies get all the attention and generate all the buzzwords like “Supply Chain Visibility”. What good is it if the shipment is inaccurate? Orphans and overages make the most secure shipment meaningless—and besides, it is all too much for the smaller retailer with a backroom shipping operation supporting online sales.

Now there is a sensible solution for us smaller shippers to make sure the right stuff ships in the right quantities. Introducing Barcode Match™, an Android app for order picking and packaging.

Barcode Match™ did not invent the idea of using barcodes to make picking and packaging easier—we just made it smarter. Smarter because its four modes of operation make it scalable from a simple 1-to-1 match up to accurately loading an entire carton or pallet with many different items all in different quantities.

Smarter because it uses the computing power of a smart phone that you already own…

…and smarter because you can use a hands-free scanner (or any Bluetooth-enabled scanner) and leave the phone in your pocket.

Barcode Match™ is already in use in some very interesting situations:

  • A candy co-packer uses it to make sure products with peanuts are not included in special seasonal variety packs
  • A growing Northeastern bicycle retailer uses it to make sure outbound shipments are accurate
  • Since many flower bulbs look almost identical, a European flower bulb supplier uses it to make sure the right bulb goes into each shipment
  • A sports/leisurewear retainer in Australia uses it to make sure orders are fulfilled with the right size and color of otherwise indistinguishable clothing articles

Barcode Match™ is not only for the smaller business—it is also in use in numerous larger situations including contract manufacturing, aerospace and medical devices.  The low price point, under $100, and no hardware cost bring important up front savings to smaller users. More significantly are the savings it brings in errors avoided: Barcode Match™ pays for itself over and over again.

The savings are not just order picking and packaging accuracy. In small retail, an incorrect order is often a lost customer.

Try Barcode Match™ today. View the video here and download the free 15 day trial available at the end of the video.

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