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Barcode Match℗ Outperforms in Picking and Packaging Operations

Barcode Match™ is a powerful but inexpensive tool for order picking and packaging operations. An Android smartphone provides the data processing power; the camera can be used as the barcode scanner, but a Bluetooth external scanner is easily interfaced. Barcode Match™ can be used in locations where mobile phones are prohibited–it works perfectly without the […]

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Picking and Shipping Accuracy for Small Retail

Big supply chains and logistics companies get all the attention and generate all the buzzwords like “Supply Chain Visibility”. What good is it if the shipment is inaccurate? Orphans and overages make the most secure shipment meaningless—and besides, it is all too much for the smaller retailer with a backroom shipping operation supporting online sales. […]

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Barcode Match Case Histories: How to Avoid a Recall

Use Case 1: Specialty Fulfillment A specialty fulfillment company receives bulk quantities of various consumer-packaged candies and repackages them for seasonal promotions. There is a Valentine’s Day collection, an Easter collection, a Mother’s Day collection, etc. Each contains a different, very specific set of candies. Some sets are peanut free, to appeal to a special, […]

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Five Barcode Match Use Cases

The barcode on an article or its package identifies that item for a range of reasons. In a retail supply chain, the barcode triggers a database query; at checkout that query finds the retail sale price, debits the store inventory and populates an order from an upstream vendor or distribution center. Beyond its primary purpose, […]

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Barcode Match in Electronics Manufacturing: A Use Case

Electronics manufacturing is a highly automated operation. A bare circuit board provides the substrate and connectivity for an array of components mounted to the board, providing its electronic functionality. The completed circuit board is fabricated by numerically controlled (NC) pick and place machines, inserting the electronic components—diodes, resisters, semi-conductors and other types of components—onto the […]

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