Barcode Match℗ Outperforms in Picking and Packaging Operations

Barcode Match™ is a powerful but inexpensive tool for order picking and packaging operations. An Android smartphone provides the data processing power; the camera can be used as the barcode scanner, but a Bluetooth external scanner is easily interfaced. Barcode Match™ can be used in locations where mobile phones are prohibited–it works perfectly without the SIM card.

How Does Barcode Match™ Work?

The user programs the scanner using the barcodes on items to be picked. Then picked item barcodes are scanned to confirm they belong in the kit or package. Simple enough—but there is so much more to Barcode Match™.

Of the 4 modes of operation, Mode 1 and 2 are the simplest. Mode 1 (One-to-One) programs the device with 1 barcode, then match-tests 1 barcode and resets for the next operation. Mode 2 (1-to-Many) programs 1 barcode and match-tests an infinite number of barcodes until the user resets the system.

Mode 3 (Many-to-Some) is more sophisticated. The user programs the device with a set of barcodes—up to 10 to be exact. Match-testing then checks to confirm that the items belong to that set. It is not necessary to include every item in the set but it ensures that no orphan items are accepted.

Mode 4 (Box Mode) is really amazing. First the user programs the device with the box barcode—often this is a big ITF-14 barcode. Think of this as the name of the box. Then the user defines the contents of the box, by scanning each item that belongs to that box—and specifying the number of each item  using the pop-up keyboard within the app. Once the set has been defined, the user hits the “Save Set” button and the picking or packing operation can proceed.

Box Mode also includes the ability to off-load, save and print a report for each test session.

What About Repetitive Orders?

Box sets, as defined by the container code, are saved in memory, so repeating kits or shipments of that box set do not need to be re-created. Just scan the box barcode to use them again. Currently Barcode Match™ allows up to 50 boxes to be created and saved. Each box can contain an unlimited number of items (depending on device memory).

Scanning actual item barcodes is not necessary to program Barcode Match™. Picking and packaging operations use menu sheets to log inventory. Barcode Match™ is easily programmed from these barcodes. It is important, however, to scan actual item barcodes during the picking operation to ensure packaging accuracy.

Does Barcode Match™ Scan 1D and 2D Barcodes?

Barcode Match™ accepts 14 different types of 1D and 2D barcodes, and will test a match between different barcode types: for example a Code 128 and a Data Matrix code. It is user-configurable so the user can enable or disable specific symbol types, to ensure that any alien barcodes are not recognized and accepted.

Other user settings include interfacing to a Bluetooth scanner which makes scanning faster and easier than using the phone camera.

Barcode Match™ is also a problem solver in other ways. It outperforms bulky, expensive scanners and PDT’s. Barcode Match™ can be installed on the user’s own smartphone or tablet, eliminating the problem of getting lost or stolen.

View the video here. A free 15 day trial is available at the end of the video.

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