About Us

1f146b5John Nachtrieb is a nationally recognized barcode expert, and was a co-founder and CEO of Fotel, Inc., the pioneer of film master manufacture and the firm that created the film master for the first commercially scanned barcode in the US (1974). This direct experience gave him the lead in understanding both the potential of this new tool and the necessity for barcode quality.John’s focus for nearly 40 years has been to serve the customer well by championing the Bar Code quality mandate.

His impeccable service begins with a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, listening carefully and asking the right questions to understand clearly the customer’s situation and concerns, and only then proposing a solution to the customer that makes sense for their business. These solutions may take one or more of the following forms:

  • Specific Problem Solving
  • Securing and installing the right equipment for the task at hand
  • Providing education to the organization through several venues

This approach has made Barcode-Test a formidable competitor in an industry becoming preoccupied with price over value.

In the 21st Century bar code systems have become ubiquitous; supply chain globalization and product safety issues have made precise barcode quality mandatory. Barcodes are part of the larger Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology, which continues to evolve. There is a long and bright future for barcodes as their unique attributes are better understood and appropriately implemented along with other AIDC technologies. Helping users understand the technology mix is the most valuable service a barcode expert company can provide.  Our goal is to assist product manufacturers, package printers and suppliers in managing barcode related risk and support reliable, predictable barcode integrity.

John was degreed at DePauw University and has a Certification in Business Administration from the University of Illinois. His other certifications and endorsements include:

  • GS1 US AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) Certification, 2012
  • Presenter, Barcode 101 Seminar on Barcode Quality and Compliance, 1990 to present
  • Presenter on Barcode Quality in Value Cards, International Card Manufacturing Association Trade Show, 2009
  • Member, International Association of Packaging Professionals (Chicago Chapter)
  • Member, Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (Chicago Chapter)
  • Seminar presenter, 2012 AIDC Institute at Ohio University