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What is Code Match And Why Is It Important?

Code Match Main ScreenAt its simplest, code match is making sure that two barcodes match each other. A sophisticated code match application can learn a list of many barcodes and compare scanned barcodes to that list to make sure they are in the approved list. But why is this important?

Contract or in-house packaging operations need to avoid packaging errors, which could include wrong items in a package or items inadvertently excluded from a package. Packaging accuracy is an important aspect of packaging security. If there are items missing, was that the result of an error made at the packager or was the package intercepted and tampered with in transit? If the package contains “orphan” items not part of the original order, this can be a wasteful and expensive inefficiency as well as an aggravation to the recipient.

Code match can also be a useful tool in order picking. A scanner pre-loaded with a learned set of master barcodes can help the order picker to be sure that only valid items are picked for a shipment. A sophisticated code match application can learn not only the bar codes but also the correct number of each item (barcode) to be included, thus assuring order accuracy.

The same basic function can assist in kitting or assembling a kit from component parts—getting the right parts in the right quantity.

Code match makes a redundant job quick and easy. It removes potential problems related to language differences or reading ability. The barcode either matches or it doesn’t; the number of items is either correct or not. A simple “beep”  and a running list keeps the picker informed, productive and accurate.

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